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We specialize in Crafting Custom Interiors.

Interiors that transcend trends and generic designs,
resulting in distinctive, thoughtfully curated spaces that inspire.

Each project is infused with a design philosophy centered around the wellbeing
of others, incorporating inventive schemes and carefully curated
products to create environments that elevate both aesthetics and comfort.

The Studio



The Studio at GMK Interiors, nestled in the vibrant heart of Columbia, South Carolina, has been a formidable presence in the interior design industry since its debut in 1992.  Specializing in Senior Living, Hospitality, and Commercial design sectors across the Southeast and beyond, our Full-Service Design and FFE Procurement team boasts years of collective expertise spanning every phase of a project.

Our hallmark lies in crafting designs that transcend fleeting trends, opting instead for timeless elegance and meticulous attention to detail. Rooted in a philosophy that places the user well-being at the forefront, our interiors radiate a sense of wonder and inspiration, captivating guests and residents alike.

At The Studio, we are dedicated to realizing our clients' visions, delivering projects that not only meet but exceed expectations, all while adhering to timelines and budgets.


As a division of GMK Associates, a comprehensive firm offering Architecture, Engineering, Design Build, and Construction Services, along with Interiors, we have the unique advantage of collaborating seamlessly with in-house teams. This synergy enables us to extend our expertise to Government and Healthcare projects across the Midlands of South Carolina and beyond.

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for creating spaces that resonate with beauty and functionality, The Studio at GMK Interiors continues to shape environments that stand the test of time.


To create and execute visions that not only remain within budget and on schedule but also inspire and enhance the wellbeing of our clients and their clientele. The Studio at GMK Interiors strives to foster a connection with the interior spaces that moves and inspires, while being dedicated to crafting authentic environments and experiences that leave a lasting impression.

We've Been 

Designing a Few Places...

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