GMK Interiors Team

Katharine Slayden

(Charleston, SC Office)

From L to R: Marta Lockwood, Barbara Monahan, Connie Thomas, Kara Grossman, Katie Sparkman, Brandy Bayne, Nicole Robert
(Columbia, SC Office)

Clea Barry
(Kansas City, MO Office)

About the Team

GMK Interiors offers a group of designers with boundless passion and a deep well of talent in delivering impeccable design. Our commitment to formal and research-driven continuing education and specialized role development, as well as our intimate knowledge of best practices that drive original design, translate into sustainable, aesthetically on-target interior environments for our clients. Not only are our designers members of and certified by local, regional, and national design associations — including relevant, industry-specific associations like LeadingAge — but they are winners of national and international design excellence awards. And our Interiors team members serve as frequent presenters at industry conferences such as Environments for Aging, and LeadingAge, and state-level affiliates organizations.


Our experienced interiors design staff includes designers certified through the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ), the global leader in establishing standards of competence for interior design/interior architecture professionals. These professionals also continually keep abreast of industry changes and trends through active membership in prominent industry organizations such as the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).


As part of a larger, 54-year-old parent company of planning, design, and construction specialists (, GMK Interiors further has the ability to tap into additional internal resources and disciplines when needed. GMK Interiors is supported by LEED-certified architects and engineers, licensed general contractors, cost estimators, dedicated procurement specialists, and other business experts in order to put our proven, well-established design, procurement, installation, and project management expertise to work delivering award-winning spaces for our clients every day.